Saturday, March 19, 2011


When we study about what has happened in the past, we always look at important figures, important events, important groups, ideas, and movements. History is so broad that it can include everything from what has happened in Latin America, China and Europe. Learning about history is important because some of it should be common knowledge. By knowing a bit about what has happened in our world, you can help see why things are the way they are as of know, what will happen in the future, how great minds work, how evil people work and much more. It doesn't hurt to know too much about history.
One basic importance of history is to know enough to do well because your knowledge of it is tested. It can be in the classroom, it can be in the UN, or for a historian meeting. If you do not know enough, than you put yourself at risk of not achieving what you can.
It is also important to know about world history because you can then educate others who do not know as much. They may not need to know much about history in their selected fields of study but without knowing a little is not acceptable. If you do not know about what has happened, you do not truly understand the word. By looking at what has happened, you can understand cause and effect, how important ideas and events played out and more.

When you understand history, you understand basic concepts and ideas. You will learn about cause and effect, relationships and human nature. Since history is mainly about what causes the next event or action, people can clearly understand how things are related to one another. For example, is there is extreme repression of the people in a certain country over many years, there will probably be some people who will take the stand to fight back, possibly forming a revolution. Another example is when the China government copied their ideals from the communist ideas of Marxism because of what they felt about the majority of the people. Reading further on, if you know enough about history, you can see how people's attitudes and feelings are changed as a result of an action. Some of these people may choose to use violent tactics or choose to use non violent measures. You can understand the nature of these kinds of people.

When you also know about history, you can understand what it really means to be in someone else's shoes. We all live our own separate lives and choose to be affected by what we see around us. We can take action or we can remain passive. When you read about the history of various countries, you can understand the pain, the joy and more that people feel when they do something difficult or amazing. You can understand what it means to have no food, or what is means to be rich and without love. Just like reading a book, history is a big book filled with many real stories. Know you can picture what it is like to live in china during communism or what it means to be an American.
By understanding history, you can understand why things are they way they are right now. Many of the past events and histories in the world have shaped what we are as of now. From the major wars, including the American Revolution only go to show the nationalism and pride of the people of America. If you look at Africa, you can understand why it is not as modern and strong as other countries today. They have been isolated from the world for some time until European colonists came and took over. Countries such as Bolivia are in a horrible situation because of the fact that they were slow to move forward. Globalization affects everyone, but some people are taken advantaged over while other gain much more. If you look at India, you can understand why it freed itself from Britain. Lead by a man who used non-violent actions, they were able to prove that they were being taken advantaged of. You can also understand why countries have conflicts because of territories, because of disputes and more. All of these countries that make up the world today have changed since the beginning of time. The reason for change is evident and helps us understand the current place we are in now.
By understanding what has happened in the past and the current situation of today, we can better understand what can happen in the future. By looking at what has happened, we can understand what we should avoid and what we should make better. We live in a country that is strong today because of what the past leaders have all done. If we avoid problems that we have done, such as the Great Depression, we won't have to deal with that ever again. If we understand the importance of friendship and rights, we can make them stronger than ever. If we have read about a problem that we say should have been taken cared of a long while ago, then you should help out situations that are happening now. Some of these situations include Darfur and the war in Iraq. History allows us to make the changes needed to make this a better world.
Lastly, history is so important because each of us is part of the history that takes place. We may not know much about what is going around, but each of us is a member of what is going on right now.

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